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Great light for the money

Jun 1, 2017 | | Calgary

For $25 CDN, this is the best light going. It's by far brighter than my more expensive and much heavier and bulkier Coast flashlight or any of the other 20 or so flashlights I own. Yes, I'm a flashlight nerd. We're out there. You know who we are.

The Atomic Beam fits in my pocket and is not heavy, though it seems to be very solidly built. The light output is fantastic. When used in close, it produces an intense, well-defined and an even circle of light that illuminates everything in that circle. When zoomed out, it produces an intense spotlight that is square as a result of the Cree bulb.

I like to have a good flashlight for inspecting my car's engine, finding stuff in dark corners of the garage or any of a number of other things you need light for and this light has not disappointed. I've had it for about a week and have been playing with it constantly. It has not failed and I am impressed every time I use it.

The Atomic Beam comes with a small cylinder that houses three AAA batteries and I have been using rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. Other battery types will work as well but the AAA option is convenient and they work just fine. One website I saw said two CR 123's or one 18650 would produce more light than the AAA's but that turned out to not be true. I put them all in the light and looked at the readings, each type gave on a light meter we have in the television studio I work in. The light output for all three battery types was identical. So, since the AAA's work just fine, that's what I use. I recommend Eneloop batteries by the way. Experts agree they're the best on the market and that has been my experience. I have not found them in stores however. They seem to only be available on-line. I ordered from Costco.ca and they delivered them right to my door in 36 hours both times.

Bottom line on this flashlight is that it is great for the money. Buy it from a store like Bed Bath and Beyond, where I bought mine and you won't have any worries if you decide to return it for any reason.

Great bouncer light

Mar 3, 2017 | | Portland, OR

I highly recommend this light for people in the bar bouncing/venue security business. I love to point the beam on people from the balcony. Also great for pointing where things are such as restrooms or stairs. I've dropped it many times into puddles, on cement, and it always works fine. Downside - the AAA batteries don't last long as far as keeping the brightness, hopefully the battery and charger I ordered will take care of that. Other than that, it's an awesome value for my use. Going to stock up on a few more.

Quality issue with Atomic Beam Lantern marketed by Telebrands.

Mar 1, 2017 | | Amelia Co., Va.

I received an Atomic Beam Lantern as a Christmas gift. Initial impression: Light output was good, but not discernibly better than competitive LED products available through other retailers. Compact design was attractive. Structural integrity seemed good. Unit was to be used as an emergency light source for night fishing excursions.

Two big issues:

1. Through second use, unit performed acceptably well. At onset of third use, unit literally fell apart as it was being carefully loaded in my boat storage compartment. Top, reflector-nut separated from bottom.

2. Customer service rep. requested a photo of the defective unit be emailed, along with an explanation to their customer service site address, which she provided. After two days, email message returned - no such address.

My conclusion: This is a cheaply built product, that has been aggressively marketed. The company advertises "lifetime warranty." Could it be that Telebrands doesn't want returns and/or has little interest in honoring any product warranty? Based upon my experience, I would suggest buyers to beware!

False Advertising

Feb 16, 2017 | | Troy, Illinois

I have a 100 lumen light that produces the same brightness as the "5000" lumens advertised. Ripoff!

Great flashlight for the money

Jan 24, 2017 | | Alabama

I got this flashlight for around the house and camping. I was quite surprised at the amount of light this cheaper flashlight could put out. I love the light weight and how easy it was to go through all the settings. I will be getting more of these for my family and friends. It is definitely the brightest flashlight I have and will blind you if it catches your eye. I would recommend this product.

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