Astro Socks from Product Trend is the space age name for a pair of socks that they tout will keep your feet warm in the cold winter months. This is because they state Astro Socks contains aluminized threads with aerospace technology that will recirculate your own body heat, keeping you warm in any weather.

How do they say Astro Socks work to keep me warm when it’s cold outside?

Astro Socks claims to contain thousands of aluminized threads woven into a stretch nylon fabric that is soft to touch. They state you they are thin enough to wear with another pair of socks or you can wear them on their own, but either way the lightweight and flexible material will recirculate your body heat and keep the temperature just right.

Astro Socks promises to keep your feet warm in even the coldest temperatures as well as minimize moisture and perspiration so they’re nice and dry taboot. Astro Socks insists their warm socks are great for men, women, and children to wear indoors or out and are machine washable and dryer safe.

What do they charge for a pair of Astro Socks with aluminized thread?

Astro Socks sells 2 pairs for $12.99 but there is also a $5.99 shipping and handling charge so the real total is $18.98.

Also, when you order the default is to add a pair of Astro Gloves for another $5.99 in fees. So unless you switch the box you will buy the gloves and the total will be $24.97.

Astro Socks come in sizes small or large for men and women, with color options of silver or black.

Is there a money back guarantee for Astro Socks?

Yes. You can return Astro Socks if you don’t like them within 30 days for your money back minus the shipping and handling charges.

Astro Socks customer service can be reached at: 844-826-2687.

Bottom Line: Is Astro Socks a great way to get and keep my feet warm?

Not likely. We say this for a few reasons. First, we don’t like the confusing ordering process, where it says “Yes” on both options as well as asking you how many pairs of 2 Astro Socks and Astro Gloves sets would you like?

Screenshot of Astro Socks' website

We feel this could be confusing for people, resulting in an ordering error. While they do list the price before you hit the Process Order button, there is no chance to review your order first on a separate screen before your card is charged.

The next, most important thing to ask is will these “aluminized” socks actually keep your feet any warmer than regular nylon socks? The answer is no. While it’s true NASA uses aluminum material to keep astronauts warm in space, this doesn’t necessarily translate into the same thing on Earth.

Indeed, we found a paper written by B. Farnworth from the Canadian Environmental Protection Section (where they know a thing or two about cold weather) entitled “Some Practical Advice for Cold Weather Clothing” which says to “forget” about socks that claim to contain aluminized threads:

“At best they reduce… heat loss from naked skin. Insulation still requires that still air layer. (At least on Earth it does. In space, you can use a vacuum instead.) Also, most textiles already do a pretty good job of reducing… heat loss. So what you gain from a reflective layer is only an increase in insulation of a few percent even when the aluminum surface is clean and dry. A few aluminized threads mixed into a wool sock won't even give you that few percent.”

As far as what socks to actually choose, you should read about Winter Socks from Big Sky Fishing, where they suggest good warm materials to wear on your feet. Spoiler alert: wear wool, avoid cotton.

We hope this helps you make a decision about Astro Socks. Let us know what you think below!.