ARC InstaTemp is a non-touch infrared thermometer that the sellers say will give you an accurate temperature reading of your child in seconds. They state there is no struggle or hassle involved: just point the ARC InstaTemp at their forehead and click; seconds later you will know whether they have a fever or not.

How ARC InstaTemp Works

ARC InstaTemp claims to use infrared sensor technology that is FDA compliant to accurately read the temperature. To use it, they instruct you to place no closer than half an inch (and no farther than 1.2) to your child’s forehead right between their eyes.

Then give it a click, and 2 seconds later the LED readout will light up and the temperature clearly visible. They add because it’s silent, quick, and you don’t need to touch them, you can even check it while they are sleeping. They state you can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and is guaranteed accuracy within .4 degrees F.

ARC InstaTemp Costs:

$47.98 ($39.99 plus $7.99 S&H) which includes carrying case and wall mount. ARC InstaTemp comes with a 30-day money back guarantee,  minus S&H, as well as a 2-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

Bottom Line: Is ARC InstaTemp a Scam?

Taking someone’s temperature, be it your child’s or your own, used to be a pain in the… Thanks to infrared technology, you can put away the cold cream and do it quickly and painlessly with no need to even touch the skin. 

We couldn’t find any customer reviews of ARC InstaTemp or ARC Devices USA, the company that makes it. 

We just want to point out that home non-touch infrared temperature devices are not new – there are many makes and models to choose from. We like ARC Infra Red’s 2-year warranty and silent activation.

We should point out that ARC InstaTemp’s battery is not replaceable; however customer service assured us it was good for 7200 uses or warrantied for 2 years. 

Other infrared temperature taking devices have replaceable batteries, some make sounds or have memory storage or can be used to gage room or liquid temperatures. ARC InstaTemp appears to be a small, no-frills device that may be handy in certain situations. 

However, you may want to consider if any extra bells and whistles will be useful before choosing ARC InstaTemp.

Let us and our wonderful readers know your experience with ARC InstaTemp below!