Aqua Chirps from Allstar Products Group is a plastic plant watering system in the shape of a bird that they claim feeds plants up to 2 weeks and works indoors our out. They state that when it’s low on water, the bird electronically “chirps” to remind you to add some.

Understanding How Aqua Chirps Works

Aqua Chirps appears to be made of clear plastic and looks like a bird. To use it, they tell you to fill with water, then set it in the plant container and forget about it. They say your plant will be perfectly watered for 2 weeks, at which time it will emit an e-chirp alerting you that it is low on aqua. They promise it can be used with all kinds of plants, even exotic ones, and you can also add plant food.

Aqua Chirps Costs:

$27.85 for 2 birds of unknown size. This is presented as Buy One Get One Free, with $14.95 for the first Aqua Chirps plus $7.95 P&H, but they also charge you another $4.95 in fees for the “free” one. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus those processing fees.

Bottom Line: Is Aqua Chirps “Cheap?”

There isn’t a lot of information about Aqua Chirps except that it looks like a bird. We tried to find out how big it was, how much water it held, how the chirping works, how the water is dispensed, and if it needed batteries – customer service was not able to locate any more information about it.

Remember, if you buy Aqua Chirps and even if you return it within 30 days for your money back, they will still keep $12.90 and what it costs you to ship back.

And finally, we feel we should also point out their Privacy Policy page, which allows them to use your personal info (name, address, phone number, email) to solicit you with other offers, as well as give this to “trusted” third parties. They claim you can opt-out of these offers in the individual marketing message, but this will not apply to any third party solicitations: “Third parties’ use of the Information is subject to such parties’ own privacy policies, for which APG shall not be responsible.”

Let us know what you think of Aqua Chirps below! Did it work as they promised or did it kill your plants while you were out of town?