Appethyl is the name of a powdery green substance the manufacturers state is made of 100% natural GMO-free spinach and processed in a patented way to extract its thylakoids, which are said to reduce cravings for sweets. They claim that if you take just 5 grams of Appethyl a day in a smoothie or food product you will feel less hungry and thereby lose weight. 

What are Thylakoids?

Thylakoids are a component in chloroplasts that are found in spinach and thought to slow down the digestion of fat, thereby decreasing appetite and hunger pangs. A study on rats done in Sweden showed that the ones who were given extra thylakoids gained less weight. According to the researcher, however, you would have to eat 1.5 lbs of spinach a day to get enough thylakoids to have a similar effect. (And that’s where Appethyl comes in!)

The Clinical Studies

Appethyl claims that there have been 6 completed animal trials as well as some human studies that back up their claims that thylakoids suppress the appetite. We found one study, as reported by Psychology Today that was also conducted in Sweden with 38 women. Those that took the spinach extract lost 11 lbs. over 3 months, which was much more than the placebo group. However, the article stated that long-term effects were not studied and the overall amount of weight lost was modest.

Appethyl Costs…

$57.90 ($49.95 plus $7.95 S&H) for a 30-day supply, but if you sign up for a monthly subscription, the price goes down to $52.90 ($44.95 plus $7.95 S&H) but you will billed every 28 days until you cancel.

There is also a “free” 7-day trial where they send you 7 packets of Appethyl and charge you $7.95 S&H. They state there is a 30-day money back guarantee for opened or unopened packets (minus S&H) for the first month, and you can return only unopened product once the auto-ship kicks in, so long as you do it within the following 30 days. 

Bottom Line: Will Appethyl Help You Lose Weight?

Appethyl/thylakoids does show some promise in terms of helping to suppress the appetite, but we would like to point out a few things. Namely, the research has been fairly limited (38 participants in the most oft-cited study). Also, like all supplements, the statements made by Appethyl have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

We do like that it’s GMO-free and they offer a reasonable price for the 7-day trial with no apparent strings attached. If you do opt for a month supply, remember it’s going to cost almost $2 a packet and you only save $5 if you sign up for the monthly shipment.

(At the time of this writing, the website didn’t seem to be taking orders. Customer service directed us to, which was working but had no mention of the 7-day trial.)

If you are curious to see if Appethyl works, we suggest taking advantage of the 7-day offer by telephone at (844) 748-2669 and confirm with the representative you won’t be automatically shipped more products unless you ask. 

Then, give it a try. If you feel you are craving less sweets and snacks between meals, order a month supply. 

And let us know what you think of your experience with Appethyl below!