Apex-T Testosterone Booster boasts it’s the most intense testosterone booster available today and will help shred fat, fuel your body, boost your strength and give you your mojo back. They tout it’s organic and 100% natural, doesn’t have any dangerous side effects, and you’ll enjoy a better quality of life (as well as ripped abs).

The Apex-T Testosterone Booster Pitch

Apex-T Testosterone Booster makes a lot of claims, none of which is backed by any real proof. First, they imply low testosterone levels are bad for you as you age. In fact, after age 30 our testosterone levels naturally decrease by 1% a year. While it’s true that as we get older we often feel more tired or weak and our sexual energy may get low, there is no conclusive proof this is linked to low levels of testosterone. 

Apex-T Testosterone Booster also says its proprietary formula is proven to work, they don’t tell you what’s in it or cite any specific studies. Therefore, you have no way of knowing what you are getting. This could mean it’s just powdered sugar or something more dangerous. An article in the New York Times talked about how the FDA has been lax about policing supplements containing BMPEA, an amphetamine that has been banned by the military and can cause heart attacks. (While we don’t know if Apex-T Testosterone Boost does contain BMPEA, you basically can’t be sure either way.)

Apex-T Testosterone Booster uses other tried-and-true tactics to push their pills that we cover in greater detail in Anatomy of a Nutritional Supplement Page: Tricks They Use to Get You to BUY!

Apex-T Testosterone Booster Costs:

Apex-T Testosterone Booster hooks you in with a tempting $4.95 14-day trial offer but there is a whole bunch of fine print you should be aware of. 

First, the 14 days is from date of order, not when you get it. Since shipping times on these products are notoriously slow, you may have a very small window of time to cancel before they charge you $92.74 for the bottle. Then, 45 days later and every month thereafter they will send you another bottle of Apex-T Testosterone Booster and charge you $92.74 until you call (754) 300-8871 and cancel. 

If you do want a refund, it must be received before 30 days are up, so again your window is limited. Also, they state that no empty bottles are eligible for return and you will be charge for any products that have already shipped.

Bottom Line: Is Apex-T Testosterone Booster a Good Idea?

No. As we outlined above, they don’t tell you what’s in it, charge you a lot of money, enroll you in a sneaky subscription, and make it very difficult for you to return or cancel.

We’re not going to leave you “hanging” – there are many ways to boost testosterone naturally and safely without any pills. First and foremost: exercise! Just 20 minutes a day has been shown to increase levels of testosterone for 3 hours. (This will help you lose weight, too!)

Second, reduce alcohol. A beer or three may be nice, but it is known to interfere with sexual functions and cause depression. 

A nutritionist quoted for an article in the Telegraph UK outlined several tips to increase the libido naturally, including eating zinc-rich foods and taking omega-3 fatty acids but most importantly, reducing stress. Try to work less and play more!

If you are having problems with your sex drive, sometimes talking with your partner can help.

Whatever you do, forget the supplements

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