Serum of Youth by Apex Vitality is a new eye cream that promises to rebuild collagen, restore skin moisture, repair age-related damage, reduce black circles and give you younger, fresher skin in just 3 weeks. They tout Serum of Youth is simply comprised of 2 ingredients: vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which work together to help you produce more collagen, the secret to younger looking skin.

What Exactly is in Serum of Youth That Makes it so Special?

Apex Serum of Youth boasts it contains simple, natural ingredients with no unnecessary fillers, whatsoever. They are listed as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C as you may or may not know is an important vitamin in our body for growth and rejuvenation, but it’s something the body doesn’t make itself. That’s why you must eat lots of fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, pineapples, strawberries, broccoli, and tomatoes. 

As far as anti-aging claims go, there does seem to be some promise when applied to the skin. Vitamin C is an important part of collagen production and according to some studies a topical solution of 3-10% applied for 12 weeks appears to decrease wrinkles. However, a different study showed it had no effect on people who already have enough vitamin C in their diet.

Natural vitamin C is the most effective, but it’s also very sensitive to light and can quickly lose its potency. Synthetic versions tend to last longer but are not as easily used/absorbed. 

Hyaluronic Acid – A substance that is found naturally in the human body, mostly in the eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid has been approved for certain eye surgeries and is often used as lip filler in plastic surgery. While it does appear to reduce some wrinkles, this is only if injected, not applied topically. Still, it is known for its excellent ability to hold water so it is a popular ingredient in many moisturizers. 

Conclusion: the ingredients of Serum of Youth have some evidence they could reduce wrinkles or at least leave your face feeling very moisturized. 

What is Apex Serum of Youth Going to Cost Me?

  • 1 bottle $53.98
  • 3 for $69.98 (pitched as “Buy 2 get 1”)
  • 5 for $86.97 (pitched as “Buy 3 get 2”) – this is the default.

All include free shipping. 

Apex Serum of Youth/Apex Vitality Return Policy

Serum of Youth accepts returns for 14 days but:

  • The 14 days is from the date you ordered it, not when it comes in the mail.
  • They only accept unopened/unused items.
  • You must pay to ship it back to them.
  • They charge a restocking fee of $10 and a shipping and handling cost of $5.

Apex Vitality Privacy Policy

By purchasing products from Apex Vitality, you allow them to use your name, address, phone number, and email to solicit you with new products, special offers, or promotions. They may also give your information to marketing partners and affiliated business that “may be of interest to you.” There is no information about being able to opt-out.

Bottom Line: Is Apex Serum of Youth a Good Way to Look Younger?

The Serum of Youth itself may have some legitimate enough ingredients, but there are some other things you should consider. First, the company Apex Vitality doesn’t have a good reputation with consumers; over at our sister publication Highya, one of their other products (Forskolin) gets 1.5 stars, and several people complained they were enrolled in an auto-ship program without their knowledge and the product simply doesn’t work. (For more about the Forskolin hoax, click here!)

We could find no indication on the website about an auto-ship program so we called the Apex Vitality phone number listed at (844) 273-9848 and spoke to someone in customer service. They informed us that if you make a purchase, you will automatically be enrolled in a program where you receive a monthly supply of Serum of Youth for $19.99 and a jar of Renew Seramite for $24.99, making the total $44.98 per month. 

Remember, there are no refunds if you open any of the packages and you must cancel within 14 days or order.

Alternatives to Apex Serum of Youth

Since there appears to be nothing special about the ingredients of Apex Serum of Youth (and especially relative to the cost) you may just want to consider a vitamin C cream available at your local drugstore. We found one available from GNC for $1.99. Hyaluronic acid is a little more expensive, at $13.95 at Amazon

Here are a few other tips to looking younger, as advised by many dermatologists.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure: We all need vitamin D but the sun can also advances the aging process. Use sunscreen products for the face that have long wave UVA protection.

Get enough sleep: they call it beauty sleep for a reason. Skin cells regenerate, your facial muscles relax, and hormone levels increase. And sleep on your back: we found at least one dermatologist that mentioned they could tell which way their patients slept by the lines on their face. 

Exfoliate the face, but gently: Dry skin cells can make the skin look more rough, but you don’t want your face to become red and swollen from scrubbing too much.

Smile: yes we know it sounds corny. But studies have shown that people who smile tend to look younger to others. Even a smile that starts out fake can help reduce stress and increase happiness. 

We hope this information helps you make an informed decision about Serum of Youth and Apex Vitality. Please let us know your experience by sharing it below!

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