AngelLift is a specially designed subdermal prosthetic strip that the company claims if you wear every day for 30 minutes you will reduce wrinkles around your lips and mouth.

They claim the AngelLift Dermastrip, as they named it, gently applies outward pressure to the skin above your mouth area , which reacts to this stimulation by becoming noticeably smoother and tighter.

AngelLift on “Shark Tank”

You may have heard of AngelLift from the appearance of the inventors on the ABC show “Shark Tank,” where contestants vie for funding from wealthy businesspeople (the “Sharks”) who hope to take their products to the marketplace and make millions.

Both the Sharks and the public were impressed – they claimed that before the segment finished airing, the entire California warehouse was sold out. Shark, Lori Greiner, was impressed with the product and offered them a financing deal via QVC.

How AngelLift Works

AngelLift claims their product’s anti-wrinkle benefits were discovered by accident. Originally, it was created in 2006 to help people with nerve damage in the mouth; however, they state a noticeable side effect of the device was that it improved the skin’s appearance around the lips and lower portion of the face.

To use AngelLift, they instruct you to place the flexible, hyrdogel strip either under your upper or lower lip (not both at the same time) just above your teeth, starting with 10 minutes and working up to 30 minutes a day.

They add that during this time you should refrain from moving your mouth, drinking, eating, or talking and should not wear these while sleeping.

They recommend wearing them when you’re checking emails, watching TV, or getting ready in the morning or at night before bed. They state if you do this consistently every day, you should see improvements in the lines around your mouth within 30 days. They add the stimulating effect of AngelLift also claims to increase lip volume. They say the outward pressure also affects the “lip roll” and helps regain fullness in lips that naturally decreases as we age.

AngelLift touts that the effect of their product has been clinically proven, photographed, and measured; they have before and after pictures on the websites as well as customer video testimonials sharing their experience with the product. They also are widely reviewed and have been certified by Wrinklepedia, an online beauty review guide, that reviews every kind of skin care product out there.

AngelLift Costs…

AngelLift offers 2 kits for different price points. Their Starter kit, the least expensive option is listed at $79 and offers free shipping within the U.S. This kit includes 2 AngelLift Dermastrips, a case for the strips, their Dermalips lip serum and a “free gift” of 16 MicroFibre cleansing towelettes.

You may also order the AngelLift Essentials Kit, for $119, which includes everything in the Starter kit and adds a bottle of Dermasome, their oil-free lifting serum to be used for the entire face.

They also offer different levels of their product. They have a “Professional Line” of strips that they promote as a stronger lift, of up to 30% more than the other kits and is priced at $150. Their “Prescriptive Dermastrips” start at a steep $2500 and requires a custom fitting through a certified specialist.

The AngelLIft Guarantee

AngelLift touts a 60-day money back guarantee, for used and unused product in the original packaging, minus shipping and handling charges. To request a return you must contact their email: They will then issue you return instructions along with an RMA (return material authorization) number.

They suggest you ship the product back with a tracking number. Once they get the product back, they check to make sure all items were returned. It can take up to 7 days to get a refund, minus shipping and handling, but they do email you to notify you when it happens.

They do also claim to have an “Unconditional Smile Guarantee,” for customers who are seriously debating getting injections. They claim that they will refund 6 months worth of your AngelLift purchases if you decide to get injections after trying their product but make sure to read the fine print to understand their specific conditions for this particular guarantee.

Bottom Line on AngelLift

AngelLift certainly has a lot of hype, especially because of their deal with Lori on “Shark Tank” so here are the things to consider in light of what we’ve learned about the company and their product. The product has also been reviewed on shows such as the Ellen show, Extra, Kris Jenner, Rachel Ray and The Doctors so clearly the product has gotten some attention.

All that hype can be distracting so what are customers really saying? Most of the reviews from actual verified customers on other 3rd party sites are in their favor but it’s clear their product is meant for those who want to take a more natural approach toward anti-aging treatments.