Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning Tonic is a concentrated kitchen cleaning formula that claims to be natural, non-toxic, and non-abrasive. Amish Cleaning Tonic by Dutch Glow says their cleaning product is great for countertops and stoves and can even be used on glass cooktops to make them sparkling clean without scratching them.

What is in Amish Cleaning Tonic that they insist makes it so great to clean my kitchen?

Amish Cleaning Tonic doesn’t specifically say what is in their formula, except to say it is from a “pure and simple people”, referring to the Amish folks in who wear traditional garb, eschew technology, and are allegedly very good at keeping things clean. Dutch Glow also sells an Amish Wood Milk and a One Wipe Wood Restorer and other companies tout an Amish connection for similar cleaning products.

They tout that Amish Cleaning Tonic by Dutch Glow is both tough enough to tackle heavy stains and grease, yet gentle enough so that it won’t scratch glass or marble countertops. To use Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning Tonic they tell you to put some concentrate into the included bottle and fill the rest with water. Then, they claim you’ll have enough cleaning power to clean all the surfaces in your kitchen, including stoves and all types of countertops, easy removing even burnt-on foods without scratching or damage.

Dutch Glow claims the Amish Cleaning Tonic works by making “water wetter” allowing it to more easily absorb dirt and grease. While that sounds pretty impressive, the truth is any detergent or soap does a similar thing.

Amish Cleaning Tonic by Dutch Glow touts their product doesn’t use any harsh, smelly chemicals, is non-caustic, completely safe, and will leave your kitchen sparkling clean.

What it costs for a bottle of Amish Cleaning Tonic by Dutch Glow?

Amish Cleaning Tonic by Dutch Glow comes in a bottle that is said to contain enough concentrate for 8 fill-ups of the included spray bottle (customer service did not have the actual size of either item available).

When you buy Amish Cleaning Tonic, you should be aware of the fine print. First, although it says you’re getting a double offer, meaning 2 bottles of Amish Cleaning Tonic (16 bottles worth), a spray dispenser, and a Dutch Glow Power Pad for $14.99 plus shipping and handling, they charge you $7.95 in fees for each bottle, making the total $30.89.

But wait… there’s MORE: they state your order also includes a 2-year subscription that they claim is a $10 value to Rachel Ray Everyday magazine. They add this subscription is refundable and does not automatically renew.

When we called customer service, they stated that the subscription was a separate company and they had no further information about the charges. On the Amish Cleaning Tonic website they have a link to Subco Magazine Refund form, which states you must return it within 30 days of purchase date for a refund.

Subco can also be contacted directly by calling (800) 258-3350. According to reviews on their BBB web page, consumers have found their customer service very friendly and were able to cancel any unwanted subscriptions.

Amish Cleaning Tonic by Dutch Glow comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but this is minus the shipping fees and what it costs you to send back.

Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning Tonic customer service hotline: 1-844-764-4362

Bottom Line: Is Amish Cleaning Tonic by Dutch Glow a good way to clean my kitchen?

No. We say this for a few reasons. First and foremost, Dutch Glow products have a very negative rating from our consumer reviewers both here and at our sister publication Highya.

“I expected to be charged $27.90 for two bottles + two free bottles. Instead, I was billed $51.80, charged $7.95 for each bottle, not $7.95 for a single 9X6X4 box. Total bill was $51.80. Upon contacting customer service I was offered a $5.00 discount. Or I could return everything and pay all shipping charges. If I did that I would still owe them $27.90 and have NO PRODUCT. How is that for a rip off,” wrote Lucy from Cathedral City on our site. 

Over 300 people chimed in at Highya with similar complaints; there is mention it smelled funny or simply did not work, and some claim it ruined their furniture. With the sneaky add-on fees and a separate magazine subscription tacked on along with an estimated shipping time of 4-6 weeks, we expect people who buy Amish Cleaning Tonic will be in for similar sticker shock.

We say: if you are interested in an all natural effective cleaning solution that’s gentle yet effective for everywhere in your kitchen, try using warm water, baking soda and a rag as outlined in this cleaning guide from Behind the Studio.

Let us know your experience with Amish Cleaning Solution by Dutch Glow – did it clean away the grease or just take away your money?