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Does He Really Want to Help

Jun 28, 2015 | | Florida

If the author truly wanted to help Americans, he would not sell is book for $5 S&H only and then require you to sign up for his $149.00/year newsletter (new members pay $49.00/year the first year). I watched the video inspired and motivated to buy until the pitch came. He wants to help but at a get rich scheme for himself.

Makes a lot of sense

Jun 25, 2015 | | Roswell, NM

You can check these yourself:

Page 5: US Government spending as a % of US Gross Domestic Product went from 23% in 1950 to 36% in 2014.

Page 9: US Government debt went from ~ $4 trillion in 1988 to $18 trillion in 2014, and it's rising.

Page 3: The total amount of currency in circulation or in central banks reserves went from $1.1 trillion in 2008 to $4 trillion in 2014, and it's rising at an incredibly steep rate. There is no longer anything backing that currency other than the idea that the US dollar will somehow survive. Net result is loss of faith in the US Dollar. China's currency may become the world's most reliable. Trade with many nations no longer requires settlement in US dollars; the Chinese Yuan was used instead.

Page 261: The value of compounding, Robert and Sally both have a tax-deferred retirement account that grows at 9% per year. Sally contributes $3,000 per year from her age 18 through 25, eight years, $24,000 total, and then contributes nothing. Robert starts his $3,000 contributions at age 26, and contributes $3,000 per year through age 65, 40 years, $120,000 in contributions. They both retire at age 65. Robert has $1,104,876 in his IRA, and Sally has $1,132,721 in hers. Robert's return on his contributions is about 800%. Sally's return is about 4600%. Sally's 8 years of early contributions are worth more than all of Robert's 40 years of later contributions.

Sure, some approaches may be overblown, so use your own judgment. But there's lots in the book that make sense, and could happen. Be prepared.

Deceptive and deceptive

Jun 15, 2015 | | Sacramento CA

I am not an investor but I was solicited by their ad on the Internet. I thought I read the ad well enough to believe I would only be charged the five dollar shipping charge for the book. I also believed I had opted out of any other obligations and would not be charged any other fees. Apparently, I was mistaken. When I checked my account today, I was shocked to see a 99 dollar charge from them. Should have known it was a scam. If it's to good to be true, it's not true. Hopefully, I will be able to get my money back without to much trouble but so far, I'm worried. I called customer service and they don't answer. Not looking good.

America 2020

Jun 6, 2015 | | New York, NY

Ron Paul also scares us into 7.00 gas and 700 plus grocery bills. Pretty scary stuff however stores can't sell goods if no-one can afford it. Assume that inflation adjusts the costs of our salaries as well. Percentage-wise, we could be making less for sure but this take on the "crisis to come" really needs more thought. Lastly - they must have paid Ron a good amount to be their pitch person.

It Got My Attention, Then Put Me To Sleep.

Jun 2, 2015 | | Tampa, FL

It seemed to promise to be informative. Yet it was mostly scare tactics to get you to purchase a (so called) free book for $5.00 S/H. Then a hidden charge because you've been subscribed for one year to his newsletter for another $49.00. If it smells like crap, it usually is.

I'll read it for free online through a free download. Then pick and chose what I think may be helpful. I had higher hopes, but will settle for what I can get for free.

Yes, I recommend to relatives

May 29, 2015 | | Merrimack, NH

I have relatives who e-mailed me "please don't send me any more e-mails". I've been predicting disaster for years. My folks taught me to pay my bills, not to spend money I don't have, and to conserve what I do have. Our government is doing neither. if we are very lucky, the predictions by Mr. Stansberry and myself will not come true. Meanwhile, this book is informative and should be read by everyone who doesn't operate on the head in the sand mode.

Wanted: 2020 Book for $5. Ordered: Book $5 + $55 unknown subscription that was not mentioned

May 22, 2015 | | St. Louis, MO from Portland, OR

Although I have not read the book yet, I can say that I am totally put off by the lack of communication about a random, unmentioned or documented $55 fee I was charged separate from the $5 I was asked to pay for the book America 2020. (I would have gladly paid $15 or $20 for the book.)

Here is my story. A colleague sent me the video of Ron Paul speaking of the American monetary devaluation process. I watched it, intrigued to say the least. In this video he speaks of the book, which I immediately went to Amazon to purchase and found it unavailable. Following - in the video, they state towards the end that it is not available on any book sales site. You can only get it from the Stansberry Research Institute so I clicked on the link to order now. Once I put my card info in after reading everything with a fine tooth comb eye ball, I ordered the book. My bank account showed two orders. One for the $5 and one for a random $55 charge that was nowhere to be seen on the site or agreements. I actually went back to the page and found the phone number and took pictures of the web page I ordered from to prove that the marketing sales funnel was askew. I called the number and a very kind customer service person took care of it and refunded me the $55.

The PROBLEM is this. When I watch something or read something that information I find of value and I order the product, the entire message of what is being communicated to me is blown up by the sad misrepresentation of the product by a sales funnel that is ridiculously misleading. I then find the information I found to possibly be of great value to be just as misleading as the sales funnel. This, on a grander scale, could be so problematic for the consumer and the company marketing, promoting or creating the product. WHY? Who missed this issue in the initial set up? Wanted: 2020 Book for $5.

Trust and Placing Value

May 15, 2015 | | California

Porter Stansberry and Assocs. is of course making a profit, and rightly so, they correctly warned of the losses that would come to through Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, and the failure and bankruptcy of GM, B of A and more. Their touch and incite on the pulse of the financial world at large and there warnings are pretty much spot on. Investment suggestions are sound advise, and I respect Ron Paul, don't agree with all his advise, but he is HONEST and he cares. I would recommend to a friend and fellow American. IGL Thanks

Long winded

May 15, 2015 | | California

Why can't we get down to business. Wanted to order but wow, its like he repeated everything over and over again. I hope the book doesn't do the same thing.

Shady looking the more you investigate

May 10, 2015 | | Ann Arbor MI

Arrived here after a Ron Paul diatribe where he stokes fear of the economy and then finally - after 20 minutes - directs you to Stansbury investments like they are the only ones who understand the problem. Ron Paul offers no solutions, of his own claiming he is no finance guy, but Stansbury is there to pick up the torch and lead a few to safety. Paul never says whether he is compensated for the endorsement [I bet he is] but if you want answers Stansbury need to put fingers in your wallet. Dubious.

Stansberry customer

Apr 30, 2015 | | Georgia

I have ordered Mr. Stansberry's products over the past 6 years or so, and have always got good value for my money. When I did ask for a refund, they were courteous, and issued it immediately, no problems whatsoever.

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