America 2020 is a book/subscription offer from Stansberry & Associates in which they promise to disclose investment secrets that will protect you in the imminent collapse of the world governments (that they are predicting). For $5 in postage fees they say they will send you a hardback book, as well as subscribe you to their monthly newsletter free for 30-days.

The America 2020 Pitch

New America 2020 uses the combination of a "slick" website and a long-form video pitch from the founder of Stansberry & Associates, Porter Stansberry. In the video, the voice of Mr. Stansberry outlines his background as well as what he considers are indicating factors of the collapse of financial markets, which he warns will be greater than even our last Great Recession.

Then, he offers tantalizing tidbits which he says his new book offers, including the world’s 3 safest currencies, the safest place to go to in any US state, and a secret “currency” used only by the wealthiest people.

Finally, he offers all this to you, plus a free 30-day subscription to his newsletter, which he insists has the latest financial investment tips to make you money, all for five bucks. 

Who is Porter Stansberry?

Porter Stansberry is indeed a self-made millionaire; he reportedly started out as a pizza delivery man before landing a job at Agora Group, a financial newsletter company. From there, he began publishing Stansberry & Associates Investment Advisory, a newsletter where he wrote up analysis as well as giving alleged insider tips; he claims to have tens of thousands of subscribers in over a hundred countries.

While Porter Stansberry is known for having correctly predicted the demise of GM as well as the Freddie Mac/Fannie May crisis, he also was fined $1.5 million by the SEC for purposefully making fraudulent statements about a stock. 

Essentially, S&A Investment Advisory promised a big announcement on May 22, 2002 that would send a certain stock soaring and charged $1000 to subscribers for a “Special Report” which contained the stock’s name (USEC). Mr. Stansberry made a mint from selling this advice, while many of his subscribers did not.

However, while Mr. Stansberry did lose the case, he vehemently denied he did anything wrong (indeed USEC did make an announcement one month later that raised its stock price) and his right to offer speculative advice was even advocated by The New York Times

America 2020 Costs:

$5 in postage in handling, but there is some fine print. You will also be automatically enrolled in Stansberry & Associates Investment Advisory, which is free for 30 days. After that 30-day period ends, you will be charged $49 for the year.

We spoke to a customer service representative that said Stansberry & Associates would honor a customer refund request even if they were contacted after the 30 days was over.

Bottom Line: Is New America 2020 a Scam?

New America 2020 offers a lot of facts and figures to back up their claims of government collapse/imminent doom and Mr. Stansberry has been right before. However, as his own lengthy disclosure page admits: “We are NOT responsible for your results – good or bad.”

It should be noted too that he has been wrong before – his 77-minute video entitled End of America was published and went viral in 2010. (As of this writing in January 2015, America still exists.)

We believe in Porter Stansberry’s right to Freedom of Speech, but remember his products aren’t really free. Stansberry & Associates claim they don’t make any profits off their particular investment suggestions, which may be true: they make money from paid subscribers. Often looking for the next get-rich-quick scheme, these people may also be tempted to pay for more “insider tips” above-and-beyond the $49 newsletter. 

Let us know your experience with New America 2020 and/or Stansberry & Associates. Did they give you tips that made lots of money or is it a fraud?