Amazing Elastic Plastic is a tube of plastic goo the makers claim you can blow into super durable shapes that last longer than regular balloons. They say to squeeze a bit of plastic and roll into a ball, stick on the end of the included straw, and blow into a giant clear bubble.

This product is very reminiscent of the Super Elastic Bubble Plastic toy of the 1970s (and the commercial exclaims “It’s back!”) however, there is no information as to who makes or markets this version.

The Amazing Elastic Plastic Pitch

This product is aimed at kids who love blowing bubbles or balloons and perhaps their parents who are feeling nostalgic (see above). The commercial shows children blowing giant, colorful balloons from the plastic and then sticking them together to make faces, animals, and other creatures. They promise “If you can think it, you can make it,” however the elaborate balloon designs in the commercial were probably created by a professional.

How Amazing Elastic Plastic Works

They don’t tell you the ingredients of Amazing Elastic Plastic or even the size of the tube it comes in; they say they are “giant” but appear about the size of a small tube of toothpaste. Amazing Elastic Plastic comes in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, each with matching straw.

To use Amazing Elastic Plastic, they instruct you to squeeze a bit of the stuff into your hand and form into a ball. Then, poke it with the straw and blow. They promise you will soon have a giant bubble that won’t pop. The manufacturers suggest you can mix the colors together to create designs and that the balloons themselves are re-sealable, so you can place toys, messages, or other small items inside them.

And, while they claim Amazing Elastic Plastic balloons last “way longer” than ordinary rubber balloons, there is no specific timeline disclosed or guaranteed.

Amazing Elastic Plastic Will Cost You:

$24.90. This is because they charge you $10 for the first set of 3 colors (RGB) plus $7.95 S&H, then they tack on another $4.95 to double the order and add a $2 “web surcharge fee” to boot. They throw in a tube of Yellow free.

Amazing Elastic Plastic comes with a 30-day return policy, meaning you will get your $10 back but not any of the other fees if you send it back within that time frame.

Bottom Line: Is Amazing Elastic Plastic a Scam?

This product may indeed create giant plastic bubbles, but they leave out the most important part: namely, how big are the tubes of goo? Although they say they give you 7, at almost $25 it seems like a lot of money if you don’t know how many bubbles it will blow or how long they will last.

In addition, their Privacy Policy states they can contact you via email, snail mail, and even telephone with more “amazing” products, as well as give this info to third parties.

Remembering back to our childhood, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic was indeed fun for a few minutes. Blowing them up and making complicated shapes was not as easy as it looked, and the bubbles got soggy fairly quickly.

Is Amazing Elastic Plastic better or WORSE than the original? Tell us below!