Alurent is a line of skin care products that the sellers say is all natural, will tighten sagging skin instantly, help reverse the effects of sun damage, and works up to 12 hours with each application. They promise you will look ten years younger and offer you a 14-day trial so you can look in the mirror and see for yourself.

The Alurent Pitch

Alurent is targeted at women in their 30s and above who may be concerned about their appearance and want to look younger, but are also environmentally conscious and/or allergic to certain cosmetic ingredients. (They may also be hoping you confuse or associate them with Saint Laurent.)

To accomplish this, they tout the fact that their products are sulfate free, have no synthetic fragrances, aren’t tested on animals, are vegan with natural ingredients, and the whole thing comes in recyclable packaging. 

While they have a long list of what it doesn’t contain, Alurent is short on what ingredients it does use. The infomercial states it is formulated with peptides, collagen, and anti-oxidants but offers no further specifics and the link on the website to the ingredient list was not working. 

Speaking of not working, neither was the customer service number listed as (866) 963-9485 – when we called we were greeted with an old-fashioned busy signal. 

Alurent Costs…?

Alurent offers you a 14-day “no risk” trial, which they state is just $5.95 in shipping and handling. For this price, they will give you their Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum, Anti-Aging + Rejuvenate Cream, Revival Under-Eye Serum, and Refining Face Polish & Toner. If you don’t like it and return within 14 days with the original invoice and packaging, you will be charged nothing further. (They state you can keep the Toner as a gift.)

BUT if you keep all their products after 14 days you will be charged $39.99 and possibly shipped more products every month until you cancel. Again, since their phone number seemed to be not working and the cancellation form link missing, this could be difficult to do. 

In addition, any products shipped to you after 14 days are not eligible for a refund, only store credit. 

We’d also like to point out that while they say on their About Us page that they won’t bother you more than once a month or give your information to third parties, the fine print on the Privacy Policy page contradicts their promise. 

Bottom Line: Is Alurent a Scam?

There is so much information missing about Alurent (namely the ingredients, their auto-ship policy, their phone number) that we can’t recommend you buy their products. 

If you are still interested in Alurent, we urge you to first call (866) 963-9485 to see if it’s working. Then, find out more details about the auto-ship and get a list of the ingredients. 

Remember the old adage: if something appears to good to be true (like a cream that instantly erases wrinkles on the face) it probably is.

Here are some tips from Good Housekeeping on ways to look younger backed by science. (Hint: stay out of the sun, get more sleep, wash your face, and if you use any creams make sure they have Retinol-A.)

Let us know your experience with Alurent and their products.