Alpha ZXT is a “smart pill” that they claim is like Viagra for the brain. They say this means you can study LONGER and concentrate HARDER and your brain will get BIGGER just by popping Alpha ZXT every day. To get you to try Alpha ZXT, they continually lower the price every time you refresh the order page.

How Alpha ZXT Works

The main ingredient touted by Alpha ZXT is phosphatidylcholine, a compound commonly found in eggs, soybeans, liver, and nuts. They claim phosphatidylcholine will build and repair brain cell membranes and add that it is a source of choline, which is an essential nutrient of brain function.

They state Alpha ZXT is water soluble, all-natural, and will quickly enter your noggin and begin to work its magic, protecting neurons and improving signal transmission. The result, they claim, is that you will be smarter, have better memory retention, and more focus.

Alpha ZXT Costs…

Alpha ZXT initially gives you three offers, the least expensive being a $49.95 30-day supply bottle, followed by $113.82 for 3, or $149.95 for 5, all with free shipping. (The default selection is for the 5 bottles.)

However, if this doesn’t interest you, like many supplement websites, when you try to leave the page, a pop-up window urges you to WAIT! First, they offer BOGO of $24.95. Then if you refresh again, it goes down to $19.95 for just one bottle. Try to leave or refresh the page one more time and it lowers AGAIN to $12.95. However, the fine print reveals this is per bottle and you have to buy 3. GOTCHA!

Alpha ZXT promises a 60-day money back guarantee, even if the bottle is returned empty. We hunted around the website to see if there were any sneaky auto-ship programs and found nothing. We even called them, and they insisted all orders were one-time purchases. They did clarify that the 60-day money back guarantee was from order date, not when it is received.

Bottom Line: Will Alpha ZXT Make You Smarter?

We all wish for a little more mental clarity, especially before a big test. Here’s the thing about all these “smart drugs”: there’s just very little evidence any of them actually work. On the website, Alpha ZXT says that a study conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Gould and Dr. Charles G. Gross at Princeton showed phosphatidylcholine seemed to stimulate “neurogenesis” (or growing new brain cells), thought impossible after a certain age. 

We found the report, but it seemed to be a study on monkeys that suggested the concept of neurogenesis may be possible, but it had no mention of phosphatidylcholine.

There are also a couple of studies done on mice that seemed to show phosphatidylcholine in the form of egg yolks increased their intelligence or lessened dementia. Studies on actual human beings are limited. 

The good news is Alpha ZXT is most likely safe and won’t harm you. But will it work? You will have to be the human guinea pig. 

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Let us know your experience with Alpha ZXT. Did it make you smarter or did you just feel STUPID for ordering it?

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