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Horrible experience

Sep 12, 2015 | | United Kingdom

I ordered the free trial, and was charged nearly 200.00 pounds twice. The customer service is terrible. It is very distressing for anyone to be in this situation. Please someone stop this atrocity as it makes you depressed when you try to contact the customer service and the response you get. The cream makes your face even drier. I hope they pay for what they are doing to trusting people. 

Scam to try to look younger

Sep 12, 2015 | | Kent, England

This is a scam and I got caught. There is no free sample. I was paying for something I hadn't even tried. I was offered a 50% refund which I took and then cancelled my card. Never again. You learn the hard way. I eventually did try the cream and it was rubbish. 

What a scam!

Sep 11, 2015 | | United Kingdom

This is a very big scam and they also have a very rude customer service. I have had a really bad experience with them. They took £370 for a disgusting age cream and eye cream. I am horrified and they will not give the money back either. I will speak with the Citizen Advice bureau and Trade Centre but I don't have hope. They are just taking people's money. Buyer, beware.

A complete scam!

Sep 11, 2015 | | United Kingdom

I cannot believe I have been conned like this. They took £89.95 twice out of my account and now I am finding these reviews (which I am very grateful for). I have only just realized they were taking money out of my account every month. This is appalling! I am so shocked that this company is getting away with it.

Please, can someone advise what I can do to ensure they do not take further cash from my account?


It's a con, you do pay full price

Sep 10, 2015 | | England

The creams are nice but, sold as a trial where you only pay the shipping charges. Well, wrong. At no point is further billing stated on the web or included on the delivery paperwork. A few days later they automatically bill you for £89.95 for each individual cream. This is misleading, be warned.

This is a scam, do not get roped in.

Sep 9, 2015 | | Wolverhampton, England

I realized today that I have been conned by this company.

£89.95 has been taking out of my bank for what I believed should have only cost me £1.95 for postage. I saw this come up as a pop up ad and thought it was a good offer. How wrong I was, the terms and conditions are really confusing and not for one minute did I believe it was a scam.

I rang today and initially couldn't get through but after two attempts I spoke to an abrupt man. The line was so bad I could hardly hear him. He then said I couldn't get a refund as 14 days had elapsed but he would use his 50% discount to get me a refund. I said that wasn't good enough and he said he could not do any more for me. Unfortunately bank could only stop future payments, but were aware of this company and their dealings.

I will take this to the trading standards and watch dog.

Total scam!

Sep 9, 2015 | | London, England

I foolishly placed an order (on 3rd September) for what was advertised as a trial. Only after taking my card details and processing the £3.95 shipping and handling charge does the lengthy Terms and Conditions appear which advise you have signed up for a monthly subscription of £89.95! I would never pay that for any beauty product. Like other consumer I tried endless times to contact the numbers advertised without success. I have sent three separate emails explaining this and demanding the cancel my trial and do not send me any further products. Needless to say my emails have been completely ignored, even though when you submit them you receive an automated response saying they will respond within 24 hours. I finally got through today, it took me best part of the morning, and have never before experienced such appalling customer service. Even though the Terms and Conditions state quite clearly 'cancel within 14 days from receiving the product to avoid the purchase price of £89.95' and also 'You may cancel at any time by calling our Customer Service'. The operators told me I could not request an RMA number "because I wasn't showing on the system yet" and would need to wait until 17th (one operator) or 198th (2 operators) to call back, this date is clearly outside the 14 days and therefore they will try and charge me. One operator started shouting at me and when I responded by saying I would be contacting Trading Standards she very rudely said "DO IT" and cut me off. Unbelievable. Today I changed my bank account because if they think they're going to get any further money out of me they've got another think coming. I've also written today to their Complaints department, the Terms and Conditions say they will respond within eight weeks. We shall see. To say I am disgusted, not to mention furious, is an understatement.

Complete scam, don't touch it

Sep 9, 2015 | | United States

I ordered this and had trouble with the payment going through. That should have rung warning bells. I used the cream, which seemed to do nothing except make my upper lip feel stiff and dry. I telephoned before the 14 days was up to cancel and was persuaded to continue the trial as I'd only used it for about seven days (what an fool!).

I tried to telephone at the end of the extended trial but just got disjointed broken speech and couldn't get to speak to anyone - on any of the three numbers I had from them, so I emailed them. They tell me that I'm outside the trial period and if I confirm that I'm cancelling the order (which I'd already done in the original email) they would refund 25% of the cost.

I realized they had deducted £89.95 twice, whereas I thought it was £89.95 for both the cream and eye serum. They took the money before the extended trial period had ended.

I have contacted my credit card company but because it was the fourteenth day I get the impression they don't think I've got much of a case. I would have paid £89.95 for something that worked but no way would I have signed up if I'd realized it was £89.95 each.

I've learnt the hard way. I can't afford £180 so will just have to go without something else.

Useless Cream

Sep 7, 2015 | | United Kingdom

This is the worst cream I have ever used! I received one sample and was charged £190. Do not buy this product.

Amie products

Sep 7, 2015 | | England, United Kingdom

Like a lot of other people, I have been conned. I then realized that another product was sent without my confirmation. So I rang and rang and rang and finally got through to a very rude man who said to be fair that he would cancel any future deliveries and stop the account altogether. When he said that this was only the call center as I wanted to return these products he wasn't interested and just wanted to give 50% back. I questioned him that I thought it was only a call center and he said he had the discretion to give 50% back. I wanted it all back but apparently I had already been billed to my visa unbeknown to me. I told him he was rude and he said "well your not getting any back now goodbye". I was shocked at this, so now I am contacting my bank and Trading Standards. Buyer beware.

What A Scam

Sep 5, 2015 | | United Kingdom

Our experience is similar to other peoples on here. Our bank said they couldn't put a block on it, so we have reported the card as stolen.

Both phone lines automatically cut you off after a pre-recorded message tells you they are not available.

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