AbCarver Pro from Perfect Fitness is an ab wheel that they claim will help you get the perfectly toned midsection you’ve been dreaming about. Ab Carver Pro boasts that this is because of its extra wide wheel and handle design along with a kinetic engine that will turbocharge your abdominal and arm workouts, allowing you to work harder, faster, and smarter on your core.

What’s the story behind AbCarver Pro ab wheel workout?

AbCarver Pro is said to be an invention of former Navy Seal Alden Mills, founder of Perfect Fitness and creator of the Perfect Pushup, amongst other workout products. Alden states he began using ab wheels in the 1990s as a Seal and loved them because they really help to elongate and strengthen the muscles.

However, Alden says a regular ab wheel can be hard to use or put a lot of strain on the shoulders. He decided he wanted to create a product that provided the efficacy of an ab wheel, while making it easy for a newbie to be successful the first time they used it.

What do they say is different about AbCarver Pro versus a traditional ab wheel?

AbCarver Pro touts 3 key design modifications that set it apart from all the other ab wheels in the marketplace. The first thing is the wideness of the track/wheel (listed as 7.5 inches), which they state is made of highly resistant ABS plastic; they claim they essentially quadrupled the width of a normal track wheel, and also added a little curvature on either side, so you can get a carving motion that they say helps engage your oblique’s more intensely.

AbCarver Pro lists the second major innovation/improvement is the angle of the handles, which are hooked at the end and pointed downward at a 45-degree angle. AbCarver Pro touts that this will let you work your triceps and not put so much effort on the shoulder. They add that the grips allow you to put the thumb on top, which gives you even more control, and have a protector on the bottom should you lose your balance.

The third feature AbCarver Pro champions is a “Kinetic Engine”, which they admit is a marketing term for a heavy-duty spring that coils as you push it. AbCarver Pro insists this allows you to get resistance on the way out and then as you roll it back in, the spring will assist those not used to the intense stretch.

How much does AbCarver Pro charge for their specially designed ab wheel?

AbCarver Pro sells on their website in several different packages.

You can order just the AbCarver Pro, which includes kneepads and a downloadable workout for $39.99.

The next step up is the Perfect Core Support Package, which also gives you a Core Support Waist Belt, which they claim will help you shed water weight, for $49.99.

The Perfect Be Unstoppable Package subtracts the waist belt but includes the new book by Alden Mills called Be Unstoppable. Price = $52.99.

The top two tiers are: the Perfect Pro Gym Package, which throws in the Perfect Pushup Elite with rotating handles ($59.99) or the Perfect Calorie Monitor Package, which gives you a wearable calorie-tracking device that syncs with your smartphone ($79.99).

All orders over $50 include free shipping.

AbCarver Pro Money Back Guarantee

AbCarver Pro comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but it should be noted that this starts from the date of your order, not when you receive it. They will not refund any of the shipping fees and you will have to pay to send it back to them.

AbCarver Pro also includes a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. AbCarver Pro customer service can be reached by calling 800-244-4594 and pressing 7 when prompted.

Bottom Line: Is AbCarver Pro a good way to get my rid of my ab flab?

Maybe yes. AbCarver Pro gets generally positive reviews from folks who have used it. It averages 4.5 stars on Amazon from over 2500 reviewers and even the regular AbCarver gets a 4.4 score on Walmart from nearly 100 people who bought it.

Obviously many people are happy with their purchase of the AbCarver Pro and recommend it to others that are looking for an ab workout with an ab wheel. Still, at more than 3 times the price, those that already have used an ab wheel may find the new design unnecessary. (The most helpful critical review on Amazon was from an experienced gym rat who complained that it broke after 16 uses.)

That said, using any kind of ab wheel can possibly be dangerous if you are inexperienced or don’t have enough core strength. If you do decide to try AbCarver Pro, be sure to follow the instructions in the downloadable workout book located here. And remember, an ab wheel is just one part of a diet and exercise plan that should also include cardio.

We also suggest you check out the regular AbCarver (called the AbCarver Sport on Amazon) instead of the Pro – according to their own customer service, the main difference between the different models besides the 20 dollar increase in price is that you don’t get the kneepad. (This is a pad placed on the floor, something you could likely replicate with a towel.)

What was your experience with AbCarver Pro? Did it give you a better workout than a regular ab wheel, or did you throw out your back trying to use it? Tell us and our inquisitive, sexy readers below!