5 Second Fix bills itself as a liquid plastic welding compound that allows you to create an everlasting bond with just a flash of the UV light. They state 5 Second Fix is not a glue but will fix, repair, and seal virtually anything including metal, wood, glass, and more.

So What Exactly is 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is a liquid resin, not a glue, that stays in liquid form until it is cured with a UV light of a specific wavelength. This type of technology has been in use since the 1960s in industrial coatings because of its consistency and reduced environmental impact; a version of UV welding is used by dentists to fix teeth and is popular in 3D printing.

While epoxies or glues are certainly good for certain things, the main benefits of a liquid “weld” resin in this type of application is that it has no fumes, no sticky residue, works on wet or dry surfaces, and almost instantly hardens but only when exposed to a specific light wavelength. The resulting weld/bond can be as tough or tougher than a glue.

How Do You Use 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix comes in a pen-like device that has an applicator with brush on one end and a small UV light on the other. To use 5 Second Fix, they instruct you to brush it on the items you are trying to bond and press them together. Since it doesn’t dry from air/heat, you can reposition as necessary. Then, they tell you to shine the UV light on the liquid and voila! The two units are now melded as one.

The commercial shows 5 Second Fix being used to repair a pair of broken glasses, a water pitcher, and even a drone. They tout 5 Second Fix can be used on a leather handbag strap a show it being used to weld a tow cable together and pull a 4,400 truck. They add 5 Second Fix is flexible and can be sanded and painted so it can be used everywhere.

What Are They Charging for 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix offers their product as “Buy One Get One Free” for $19.99 and free shipping. There is a 30-day money back guarantee listed on the website, but they don’t give any further details. We wanted to see this money back guarantee covers the product if it’s been used, but customer service could not provide us with any further information.

Bottom Line: Is 5 Second Fix a Good Idea for Repairs Around My House?

UV-light curing resins are becoming quite popular (fly fisherman love them because they stay clear and work quickly; so do craft and jewelry makers) and we understand how it can be much more convenient than glues in certain situations. This is especially because: a) you can reposition the bond until it’s just perfect b) they only get hard when you want them to and c) if you leave the cap off the product won’t get ruined.

We couldn’t find any specific reviews of 5 Second Fix as the product appears to be new (this was written in June 2015).

Alternatives to 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix is not the only UV-curing liquid resin out there. One of the most popular is called Bondic, which has a 4-star average on Amazon.com. While many customers clearly sing its praises, one of the reviews voted most helpful was by someone who claims to be a welder and noted that it acts more like a caulk than a glue or traditional weld. While he was initially disappointed in the product when he tried to use it seal a leak in a tank, he did find use for it to fix a drywall mount for some blinds. 

Concluding Thoughts on UV Curing

UV curing technology certainly has promise for some applications or is at least a neat party trick. However, while these products have advantages over glue (especially that they tend to not dry out or make a mess) there are also some limitations as to what they can accomplish at the consumer level. For example, while a liquid resin-coated tow wire could possibly pull a truck, you most likely won’t have enough in your 5 Second Fix pen to be able to do this. And if you can’t shine the UV light on the area that needs bonding, it won’t be able to harden.

If you are really into learning more about glues, we can suggest a couple of things. First, you can check out a fun website called This To That, which lets you input the materials you’d like to adhere together and it will recommend the best gluing method. There’s links galore, as well as a FAQ.

Let us know your experience with 5 Second Fix below!