The 3 Way Poncho is a new woman’s oversized top touted by Suzanne Somers who claims it’s versatile, comfortable, and appropriate for everywhere from the office to the cocktail party. They say its soft, breathable fabric will drape your frame in such a way as to hide any “unsightly” bulges and is perfect for all seasons.

But what is so great about 3 Way Poncho aside from its celebrity pitchperson? We’re still trying to “figure” that out...

The 3 Way Poncho Pitch

This product is targeting older women on the heavier side that grew up in the 1970s and remember Suzanne Somers from her days as Chrissy on the hit TV sitcom “Three’s Company.” Suzanne is still very charismatic and she exclaims with glee that the 3 Way Poncho is her “problem solver” and her “go to” outfit. She says it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling bloated or carrying a little extra weight (for the record, Suzanne seems to be neither), 3 Way Poncho will carefully hide any bulges and make you look great. (They also make a playful double-entendre with the name “3 Way.”)

How 3 Way Poncho Works

The 3 Way Poncho doesn’t really look like a poncho at all; it appears to be a long woman’s top that can be worn covering both shoulders, one shoulder, or exposing both (that’s the “3 Way”). They say you can wear with leggings or jeans for a casual look, with a skirt for the office, and off-the-shoulders for a night-on-the-town.

They don’t say what material 3 Way Poncho is made from, which probably means it ain’t silk or cotton. They tout it’s breathable, washable, can be worn all year round, and is “perfect everywhere, anywhere, anytime!” They boast it will drape your frame, essentially hiding your midsection.

Your 3 Way Poncho is black and comes in 2 sizes (Misses and Plus, explained in a sizing chart). A mocha version is available as a “bonus,” but requires additional handing/processing.

3 Way Poncho Pricings and Returns

$27.98. ($19.99 plus $7.99 S&H.) If you want the mocha 3 Way Poncho, add another $9.99 in fees. If you don’t like 3 Way Poncho, you can return within 30 days for your money back, minus S&H and what it costs you to ship it back.

Bottom Line: Is 3 Way Poncho a Scam?

There is nothing really that special about this product, other than the fact it’s pitched by Suzanne Somers. The design doesn’t seem that revolutionary and they don’t tell you what it’s made from. On top of that, the company behind Suzanne, Product Trend LLC, has an F rating from the BBB, due to over 350 complaints in the last 3 years primarily for problems with their products. (They also have a sketchy privacy policy which allows them to bombard you with solicitations, as well as rent or sell your info to third parties.)

In other words, we’re pretty sure you can find a better garment that’s just as stylish and versatile from a more reputable retailer.

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