3 Minute Oven Cleaner from Telebrands is a product that promises – like its name implies – to clean your oven in just 3 minutes. They state it contains no harsh chemicals or icky fumes, is easy to use, and will remove even baked on grease without heavy scrubbing in minutes instead of hours.

What Exactly is in 3 Minute Oven Cleaner?

They don’t exactly say what is in 3 Minute Oven Cleaner except to say it’s non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals and you can use it without any gloves. (We noticed that the label states it is an eye irritant, so you should keep it away from your eyes.) To prove how safe it is, in the commercial they put both 3 Minute Oven Cleaner and regular oven cleaner on separate flowers; the flower with the 3 Minute Oven Cleaner survives, while the one with the other oven cleaner dies.

To use 3 Minute Oven Cleaner they instruct you to simply apply the solution directly to the surface of your oven. Instead of waiting a long time for your oven to go through the self-cleaning cycle or breathing in toxic fumes from other cleaners, they state with just a simple wipe of 3 Minute Oven Cleaner your oven is sparkly clean.

How Much Does 3 Minute Oven Cleaner Charge? 

3 Minute Oven Cleaner sells for $10 plus $6.99 in shipping and handling charges. They state if you would like a second container of 3 Minute Oven Cleaner at the time of purchase you can add another for $6.99 more in fees.

3 Minute Oven Cleaner says they have a 30-day money back guarantee but a look at the fine print reveals that Telebrands only accepts returns for consumable items like 3 Minute Oven Cleaner if they have not been opened. You must also include a detailed explanation with your return as to why you did not like the product, otherwise they could refuse your request.

Bottom Line: Is 3 Minute Oven Cleaner the Solution to My Dirty Oven?

Regular chemical-based oven cleaners are indeed filled with corrosive alkalis that can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Therefore, we appreciate the idea behind 3 Minute Oven Cleaner. But is it any good? While we couldn’t find any customer reviews of 3 Minute Oven Cleaner (as of this writing in June 2015 it was still brand new) there are a few things we’d like to point out.

First, there is no money back guarantee if you open it and use it. Second, Telebrands doesn’t have a very good reputation– currently they have a C- from the Better Business Bureau due to over 400 complaints in the last 12 months. In 2014 the state of New Jersey sued Telebrands for violating their Consumer Fraud Act stating the company made false promises, did aggressive upselling, and made it difficult for people to change or cancel orders. (Telebrands denies these claims and the suit is still pending. When the suit was filed, Telebrands’ rating plunged to an F, so it appears their reputation is on an upswing.)

If 3 Minute Oven Cleaner still appeals to you, we strongly suggest waiting until it is available at your local retailer (a little secret is that 90% of Telebrands products are sold in stores, not via telephone or online). 

How Else Can I Get My Oven Clean Naturally?

While we couldn’t find a solution that claims to work as fast as 3 Minute Oven Cleaner, many natural solution websites suggest using a mixture that includes baking soda. Some add vinegar, some add dish soap, but the main idea is you coat your oven in the baking soda paste and let it sit, preferably overnight. 

Baking soda is an abrasive, so if you have a textured or self-cleaning oven, you need to use something milder. Here’s an article about how to clean your oven from About:Home for more info. 

About:Home also has a list of their top 6 oven cleaners – note #2 is baking soda.

Let us know your experience with 3 Minute Oven Cleaner – did it work as they say it will or is it JUNK?

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