2 Buck TV is a subscription based entertainment system from Telebrands that claims to have the world’s largest library of movies and TV shows that you can access on any device that has high-speed internet access. 2 Buck TV states for just $2 a month you can log in and watch 500 live channels including 150 international channels, 100,000 movies, and 50,000 radio stations, all organized and ready to watch so you’ll never be bored again!

What exactly is 2 Buck TV and how does it work?

2 Buck TV appears to be an online service similar to Netflix, Hulu, etc., but sells its subscription (like the name implies) for just a couple of dollars a month; 2 Buck TV says it works with both Mac and PC computers as well as HD televisions, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

In spite of claiming that they have over 3 million users, we could not find a single consumer review of 2 Buck TV. We are aware of a similar product also sold by Telebrands called Rabbit TV Gold, which makes almost the exact same claims. Because Telebrands and other “As Seen On TV” companies often re-brand products, we suspect this is Rabbit TV Gold under a new name with a slightly different method of access – Rabbit TV Gold delivers their movie TV and radio service via a device that plugs into a USB port, while 2 Buck TV merely requires a web browser and a high-speed internet connection.

The 2 Buck TV and Rabbit TV Gold website both show pictures of channels like Comedy Central, HBO Go, Amazon, and Netflix. BUT if you read carefully, you’ll notice it says 2 Buck TV “works with all your favorite subscriptions.” In other words, you have to pay extra to access those channels and they are NOT included with your 2 dollar a month subscription to 2 Buck TV.

2 Buck TV – the positive side

Because of the similarities in pitch and the fact that they are sold by the same company, we feel confident in making some assumptions about 2 Buck TV. A reviewer by the name of Rex made a YouTube video of his experience with Rabbit TV and gave it generally positive remarks about its easy-to-use interface and access to tons of different content that seems to stream in seconds

The review site Digital Trends also did an in-depth overview of Rabbit TV in 2014 and concluded that it may be a good way for grandma or other less tech-savvy folk to access movies and TV programs online legally.

On Amazon, one of the reviews deemed most helpful gives it 4-stars and says it’s great for finding and watching online entertainment, particularly TV shows. They say the catalogue is deep, and it’s updated regularly so there’s always something new to watch.

2 Buck TV – the CATCH

But, as many people point out (Rabbit TV receives an average 2.6 stars from almost 1000 Amazon reviews) all of this content is already available for FREE, without a subscription.

In other words, you are paying someone (Telebrands, actually) for a slick interface and little else. Some other complaints are that the movie section is not searchable, the software can be buggy, and the live streaming TV channels that are available are disappointing. Digital Trends also notes in their review that its content may be “less than exciting” for millenials.

The top-rated 1-star review states “all it does is compile a list of websites that contain streaming video... sites like Hulu, ABCTV.com, YouTube, etc. There's nothing that can't be found by Googling ‘online video’, ‘online television’ or ‘online movies’.”

What does it cost for 2 Buck TV?

Although it says it’s just $2 a month, it’s more likely that you will be paying for it a year in advance, or $24. It should be noted that this is more than Rabbit TV Gold, which advertises a $10 fee for the first year, with the option to pay $20 for 2 years, or 5 years for $30.

How do I get my money back for 2 Buck TV?

2 Buck TV promises 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but it’s unclear how they handle returns for an online service. We called Telebrands customer service and waited over half an hour for a representative, who ended up having no further information about 2 Buck TV.

Telebrands customer service number is 855-668-1655.

Bottom Line: 2 Buck TV is “2” expensive for stuff that is already free

As we’ve pointed out, 2 Buck TV is basically the same as Rabbit TV Gold (they even use the same pitchman in the commercial) minus the USB dongle and more than double the price.

If you aren’t tech savvy and are looking for an easier way to quickly find stuff to watch on the Internet, perhaps Rabbit TV Gold is a good deal.

But then again, there is Google and you can always visit sites like ABC.com, CBS.com, etc. for new episodes of your favorite current shows. There’s also the Moving Image Archive, which has thousands of free, legal content you may find interesting.

If you are thinking about freeing yourself of an expensive monthly cable bill we encourage you to read our 4-part guide on the pros and cons of cutting the cord.

We hope this examination of 2 Buck TV helps you understand what exactly you are (and aren’t) getting. Let us know your experience below. Was it worth $2 a month, or was it a ripoff?