One Second Slicer is a food chopper that is combined with a storage container that the makers tout is an “all in one food preparation station!” They say to place the fruit or veggie on top, push down the slicing arm, and voilà! You have perfectly cut morsels that you can serve, cook, or stack and store in the fridge.

The 1 Second Slicer is the latest version of a slicing-and-dicing machine oft peddled in infomercials. But is this new iteration a sensation or an aberration? Give us a second and we’ll tell you…

The 1 Second Slicer Pitch

This product is aimed at people unhappy with their current method of chopping foods – and judging by the sheer number of different slicers on the market, there must be a lot of them! This one tries to hook you on ultra-convenience: they say not only will it chop a whole potato in one second, but it collects the morsels below in a container you can cover with its green lid for later use.

How 1 Second Slicer Works

One Second Slicer is the size of a loaf of bread and consists of a hinged cutting lid, container, stainless steel blade inserts, and green snap-on lid. There’s also a “bonus” V-slicer for salamis and cheeses.

To use the 1 Second Slicer, grab your fruit or vegetable and place on top of the blade. Then, press down the green slicer. As the name implies, one second later they say items like potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, or zucchinis are pushed through the blade and into the container.

Now, you can either take out the perfectly sliced/diced/cubed/julienned foods from there and cook, mix in a salad, or cover with the lid and put in the refrigerator. They tout it’s easy to clean the blades with the push of a button and a rinse in the sink.

1 Second Slicer Costs

$35.85, which they claim is an “incredible” offer! (This breaks down as $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H for the first set and another $7.95 in fees for the second “free” set.) It’s covered by a 30-day guarantee, meaning if you pay to ship it back to them, they’ll return your $19.95 but pocket the $15.90 S&H.

You Get:

  • 2 hinged cutting lids
  • 2 clear storage containers
  • 2 stainless steel blade inserts
  • 2 snap-on lids
  • 2 V-slicers (3 pieces)

Bottom Line: Is 1 Second Slicer a Scam?

This product looks great in the infomercial (don’t they always?) and we like all-in-one concept of cutting-and-storing. But is it worth $35.85? They make it sound like you get a lot the way they break it down, but basically you are getting two bread-sized storage containers with a chopping lid.

In addition, although we don’t know the company behind 1 Second Slicer, we do know that their privacy policy allows them to solicit you via phone, email, and snail mail with other products as well as give your info to third parties.

Is this still a great deal for being able to cut a whole potato into fries in 1 second? You tell us.

Let us know if you purchased 1 Second Slicer and it was as convenient and speedy as they promise or you feel like you were ripped off below!