Vital Stem from Live Cell Research is a powdered supplement that they boast is completely natural and will increase the number of stem cells in your body, resulting in better cognition, enhanced joint and muscle strength, and a longer life. They tout the five ingredients in Vital Stem have never been combined before now and together they work at the cellular level to rejuvenate your entire body.

Who is behind the Vital Stem supplement?

Vital Stem is said to have been developed by Dr. Rand McLain, who claims to be a specialist in longevity and sports medicine. While his practice gets generally positive reviews from patients, one negative reviewer stated:

“This guy 'trained' at Keck School of Medicine. He DID NOT ATTEND this school or graduate from this school. He graduated from some low level off the grid school. AND he [has] NO formal training in cosmetics (not a dermatologist, not a plastic surgeon)- and has NO formal training in endocrinology or [gynecology] - so why is he providing hormone replacement and doing [gynecology] exams???? NOT safe. NOT qualified. Check his credentials and do NOT see him.”

We checked his credentials and while he touts being a medical student at USC in the long-form video they use to pitch Vital Stem, Dr. McLain attended the school for one year and 2 months. He eventually received his DO (osteopathic doctor) from Western University of Health Sciences, a school which receives very poor marks from the health website Vitals.

Vital Stem is sold by Live Cell Research, a company that releases many supplements that claim to work at the cellular level, and combating everything from heart disease to better cognitive function. Reviews for these products are split down the middle, averaging 2.9 stars on our sister publication; however, the reviews flagged by consumers as “most helpful” say they simply do not work.

What are the ingredients of Vital Stem that they claim will rejuvenate my life?

Vital Stem states there are 5 main ingredients that are responsible for helping you grow more stem cells, thereby giving you a better brain, more strength, and a longer life.

They are: L-carnosine, Leucine, Green Tea Extract, Blueberry Extract, and Vitamin D3

Vital Stem cites a clinical study that shows carnosine to be a powerful factor in protecting against neurodegeneration and one that shows it increases the lifespan of laboratory mice and human cells in a test tube. They also cite a study of leucine that they say shows it stimulates protein synthesis in muscles.

They provide no specific evidence for any of the other ingredients listed, and Vital Stem itself has not been subject to any randomized clinical trials, considered the gold standard of legitimate scientific research.

The main ingredient in Vital Stem, however, is vitamin D3 (2000 IU or 500% of the recommended daily value). Vitamin D is an important hormone in our bodies that is responsible for bone health and deficiencies can cause rickets and other health problems. However, the Institute of Medicine concluded that most Americans are not vitamin D deficient and able to get enough from the sun and foods like eggs, fish, or mushrooms. According to Berkely Wellness, the jury is still out as to whether the vitamin D hype has gotten ahead of the science. Still, they recommend 800 to 1000 IU per day.

How Much Does Vital Stem Cost?

Vital Stem encourages new users to buy at least 3 bottles, but also offer it in both 6 bottle and single bottle orders. (In fact, the default order is 6.)

  • 6 bottles Vital Stem = $214.27 includes free shipping
  • 3 bottles Vital Stem = $117 includes free shipping
  • 1 bottle Vital Stem = $46.99 + $3.95 shipping

Vital Stem money back guarantee information

Vital Stem touts that it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. However, this does not include any shipping and handling charges and what it costs you to ship the supplement powder jars back (they require all returns to have a tracking number).

In addition, the 90 days begins on the date Vital Stem is shipped, not when it arrives, so you need to keep that in mind when trying the product.

Live Cell Research customer service for Vital Stem can be reached at 1-844-650-5933

Bottom Line: Vital Stem is expensive with little proven benefits aside from vitamin D3

The use of human stem cells (although mired in controversy when taken from embryos) has tremendous potential for treating a wide variety of diseases. However, this science is still in its infancy, and many treatments are untested and often sold to patients based on anecdotal evidence that it works.

Vital Stem uses some of these stories in their long form video to convince you to try their product. But let us remind you that Vital Stem doesn’t contain any stem cells but merely claims it will increase your own cells, resulting in a healthier you.

That said, the study of nutrients aiding stem cell regeneration is also still in the early testing phase. Researchers at Tufts are examining the benefits of EGCG (found in green tea), curcumin, found in turmeric and sulforaphane, found in broccoli and other greens. However, these are being studied and recommended for elderly patients in dietary form, not as a supplement.

From our experience, Live Cell Research seems to use the same tactics to get you to try their supplements: an incredibly long video that claims to have revolutionary information that “Big Pharma” doesn’t want you to see and caution that their video may be taken down at any time.

In reality, they are attempting to “line their pockets” just as much as pharmaceutical companies by selling supplements that have not been evaluated by the FDA. Although they claim this powdered drink has many miraculous benefits for your muscles, brain, and lifespan, they admit in the fine print Vital Cell is “not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease of any kind.”

Let us know your experience with Vital Stem below!