HD Mirror Cam attaches to your rearview mirror in seconds and can record up to 14 hours of video and audio. And at $49.99 plus $7.99 S&H, it comes in a lot lower than the competition!

Despite its low price, HD Mirror Cam still features a 2.5” LCD screen, full 1080P video, a 180-degree rotating wide-angle lens, motion detection, adjustable anti-glare dimming … and much more! When you’re done, you can play back instantly, or download your files to your PC via a USB port.

Yeah, all of this definitely sounds good—especially for the price! The company definitely knows how to market their products. Here’s what we’re going to answer today, though:

  1. Will HD Mirror Cam perform as advertised?
  2. Will it provide a solid value for the money?

How Well Will HD Mirror Cam Work?

Let’s cut to the chase: HD Mirror Cam was brand new, so there weren’t any online reviews. Why’s this important? Because we can’t know how it actually works in the real world.

The good news is that InvenTel, the company behind HD Mirror Cam, makes many other popular As Seen On TV products, including Gripeez, Hollywood Nails, and even another type of driving camera called DashCam Pro. More than 160 BrightReviewers gave their feedback about this dashboard-mounted camera and rated it an average rating of 2 stars. Why?

Pretty much everyone said it took forever to arrive (some 2+ months), and when it did show up, the instructions were impossible to read and the camera wasn’t exactly high quality. One DashCam Pro reviewer even claimed that you should think about spending the extra $20-$40 to purchase something similar from a different company.

On one hand, HD Mirror Cam provides most of the key features any dashcam customer would want, at a price that’s difficult to beat. On the other, it’s difficult to argue that “value” is just as much about quality as it is about price. So be sure to factor this into your buying decision.

Speaking of different companies: What does HD Mirror Cam’s competition look like?

Dashboard Cameras From Other Companies

In our DashCam Pro review, we talked about how popular dashboard cameras are in Russia. But recently, they’ve become very popular here in the US as well.

As a result, tons of different companies have entered the market, each with their own twist on the dashboard camera. This means that if you’re looking for mirror-mounted mirrors like HD Mirror Cam, you’ve got a lot of options. Note: In fact, we found an almost identical camera made by Coby, although we couldn’t find it anywhere else online to compare specs.

And if you’re willing to look at dashboard-mounted cameras as well, you’ve got even more choices!

The problem is that much of the competition is more expensive than HD Mirror Cam; in some instances, $100 or more. But as one reviewer noted in the previous section, it might be worth spending the extra coin to get a better quality—and longer lasting—product.

Bottom Line: Should You Take a Chance On HD Mirror Cam?

At BrightReviews, we specialize in taking a good, hard look at infomercial-based products, and finding out whether or not they’ll live up to the hype. Spoiler alert: Most of the time they don’t.

Now, do we think that HD Mirror Cam is an exception? Again, since there weren’t any online reviews, there’s no way to know. But looking at the factors we do know about—online feedback for the company’s other products, especially similar ones like DashCam Pro—it’s reasonable to believe that:

  1. It might take a very long time, perhaps months, to receive your HD Mirror Cam. And remember: If it takes longer than 30 days to arrive, you’ll be outside your 30-day refund window.
  2. Regardless of how long it takes to arrive, most DashCam Pro customers claim that it’s low quality and not worth the money.

Both of these might be especially true if HD Mirror Cam is from the same manufacturer/factory as DashCam Pro.

But maybe InvenTel worked out the distribution kinks with DashCam Pro, so you won’t have to worry about long shipping times with HD Mirror Cam. Or, maybe it’s being manufactured at a different factory than DashCam Pro, so the quality concerns are a thing of the past. In either instance though, only you can decide if it’s worth taking the risk on HD Mirror Cam to save a few bucks (you’ll still need to buy a micro SD card, though!), or going a more mainstream route.

Whatever you decided, write about it in a review below!