AngelLift is a specially designed mouthpiece that the makers say if you wear every day for 30 minutes you will reduce wrinkles around your lips and mouth. They claim this is because AngelLift gently applies upward pressure to your mouth area and your skin will react to this by becoming noticeably smoother and tighter. 

AngelLift on “Shark Tank”

You may have heard of AngelLift because its inventors Aaron and Kelly Bruce appeared on the ABC show “Shark Tank,” where contestants vie for funding from wealthy businesspeople (the “Sharks”) who hope to take their products to the marketplace and make millions.

Both the Sharks and the public were impressed – Bruce claims the entire California warehouse was sold out before the segment finished airing and Shark Lori Greiner “bit,” offering them a financing deal via QVC.

How AngelLift Works

AngelLift claims their product’s anti-wrinkle benefits were discovered by accident. Originally, they say it was created in 2006 to help people with nerve damage in the mouth; however, they state a noticeable side effect of the device was that it improved skin tone around the lips.

To use AngelLift, they instruct you to place the flexible, plastic Dermastrip either in the upper or lower part of your gums (not both at the same time) in front of your teeth for 30 minutes a day; they add during this time you should refrain from moving your mouth, drinking, eating, or talking. They state if you do this every day, one month later you will notice less smile or smoking wrinkles. They add the stimulating effect of AngelLift may also increase lip volume.

AngelLift touts that the effect of their product has been clinically proven, photographed, and measured; however, aside from a couple of before and after pictures on the website, we could find no specific clinical trial information. They also state their product has been certified by Wrinklepedia, an online beauty guide, but it’s unclear what this certification entails and if they are an unbiased third party.

AngelLift Costs…

At least $87 ($79 plus $8 shipping), which includes 2 AngelLift Dermastrips, a mirrored case, and a “free gift” of 16 MicroFibre cleansing towelettes. You may also order the AngelLift Collection, which adds a bottle of Dermasome Serum for the skin around the eyes, making the total $127 ($119 plus $8 shipping).

There are also the “Professional” that starts at $150 and “Perscriptive” versions starting at $2500 that they say must be ordered through a skin care specialist.

The AngelLIft Guarantee

AngelLift touts a 60-day money back guarantee, but this only applies to unused, unopened products in the original packaging, minus the $8 shipping charge. They do also claim to have an “Unconditional Smile Guarantee,” for open/used product but the fine print reveals there are actually several conditions. 

First, you must include a “brief summary” of your request in an email to Then, they will issue you an RMA and they suggest you ship the product back with a tracking number. Once they get the product back, they will decide whether or not to approve your request and issue a refund, again, minus the $8 shipping.

Bottom Line: Is AngelLift a Scam?

AngelLift certainly has a lot of hype, especially because of the “Shark Tank” appearance. As Mr. Bruce noted, women spend billions of dollars on anti-aging products, and AngelLift hopes to be the recipient of at least some of these dollars.

But there are some things you might want to consider.

First, they state AngelLift Dermastrips must be replaced every 60 days. While they don’t appear to be signing you up for an auto-ship program, realize this is not a one-time purchase.

Second, while they state this will help get rid of wrinkles from smoking, the fine print says that if you continue to smoke, or drink coffee or tea, you may not experience as good results.

Third, there is a whole host of terms and conditions that limit their liability as well as prevent you from suing them, should AngelLift not work as promised.

Finally, and most importantly, reliable consumer reviews on the product are not very good. There are some 5-star reviews on Amazon, but many of these do not seem to be verified purchases. The ones that are verified are mostly 1-star, with people complaining the Dermastrips don’t stay in place very well and simply do not work as advertised.

Over at Highya, AngelLift averages just 2.5 stars with people making similar complaints; some  consumers have added they didn’t receive their order and/or the company appears “shifty.”

We suggest you seriously consider all of the above before ordering AngelLift. And if you do order it, let us and our readers know what you think!